Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Distance Education & ILL/Document Delivery

I'm a Distance Education student. How do I let you know?

Register with ILLiad if you haven't already.

You will be asked to identify yourself with information like name, email, address, etc.

Please enter your full mailing address in the Address field so we know where to send your items.

For the "Home Campus" field, choose the "Distance Education" option. Students enrolled in joint degree programs with Luzerne/Lehigh County Community College (Technical Leadership, Elementary Education) should choose "LCCC" as their home campus. BSN/MSN students taking classes exclusively at Geisinger can choose Geisinger as their home campus.

Be sure to click on "Submit Information" button to complete registration/save your changes!

If you are a long-time user of ILLiad, you can go to "Change User Information" at ILLiad's Main Menu and make these changes.

If you prefer, send an email to and we can make this change for you.

Andruss Library owns a book I want. Can it be shipped to me?

Yes. Submit a book request via ILLiad. We will ship the book to you, provided we can locate it on the shelf and it's in good physical condition. It's helpful to us if you add "I am a distance education student" to the Notes field of your book request. Also, please verify your mailing address is current (see Change User Information at ILLiad Main Menu).

Please note, we can only ship items within the United States.

I need a book Andruss Library doesn't own. Can you help?

Yes. Submit a book request via ILLiad. Please verify your mailing address is current (see Change User Information at ILLiad Main Menu).

Books borrowed from other libraries must be received at Andruss Library first and then forwarded to you. Please be aware this may take several weeks, and the amount of time you can keep the book will be limited. Plan your research accordingly.

Visit our General ILL FAQ to review what types of items are not available or are difficult to obtain via ILL. We regret that the short loan periods for Audio-Visual items means that we can not obtain AV materials for Distance Education students.

Please note, we can only ship items within the United States.

How do I renew books that I've borrowed?

For books that belong to Andruss Library, logon to your PRIMO account before your books are due. Once logged in, select the "..." along top ribbon and then "My library card" to view items on loan and select one(s) to renew--items eligible for renewal have the word "renew" next to them. You may do this once. You may also call the Library's Circulation Desk at (570)389-4205 for renewals before the due date.

For books that belong to other libraries, logon to your ILLiad account. At the Main Menu, choose "View-->Received Materials". Select the appropriate Transaction Number and click on "Renew Request" (in red, top left). We'll notify you via email when we hear from the lending library. You may only request one renewal; some items are not eligible for any renewals.

If you prefer, contact the ILL/Document Delivery Office at 570-389-4218 or and we will process the renewal for you.

How do I return books I've borrowed?

A prepaid UPS return label was included with your shipment plus supplies. Please use these to return your item. Materials should reach us by the due date on the item, or you may incur overdue charges. Your package with prepaid UPS label can be given to any UPS driver, or see here for a list of UPS dropoff locations.

Please package the item securely; if we sent it to you in a box, please return it in a box.

If you opt not to use the prepaid UPS label, you are responsible for the return cost and for the item until it reaches us, so you may wish to insure your package.

How do I get a copy of an article or book chapter?

Submit a request via ILLiad using the "article" or "book chapter" request form. (Please check our Periodical Title List first, to make sure we don't have electronic access to the item.) When we have received the article/chapter, you'll receive an email notifying you it is available for retrieval. Articles/chapter will be in PDF format and can be retrieved by choosing "View-->Received Articles" at the ILLiad Main Menu. Articles are only available electronically for 60 days. Please retrieve and SAVE them promptly.

Can I use the PALCI/E-Z Borrow system to borrow a book from another library?

No. Books borrowed via the PALCI/E-Z Borrow system must be picked up at Andruss Library. If you are a Distance Education student and need a book mailed to you, please use ILLiad to request it.

How will my items be shipped to me?

We will ship items to you via UPS with a prepaid return label for your convenience.

How will I know when my book is shipped to me?

You'll receive an email when we package and ship the item out to you. Please allow about one week to receive the book.

Who qualifies as a Distance Education student?

We define a Distance Education student as someone enrolled at Bloomsburg University who takes classes remotely and never physically comes to campus.

Students enrolled in joint programs at LCCC or Geisinger who do not have courses at the main BU campus also qualify for this service.

The ILL Office periodically checks the staus of Distance Education students and reserves the right to change their status if they are taking courses at the main campus or if they live within a reasonable distance of BU.

Who do I contact if I still have more questions?

Please contact the InterLibrary Loan/Document Delivery office at (570) 389-4218 or e-mail Office hours are generally Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.